Uniform Information
Top: Girls
White, burgundy, or navy collared shirts, khaki, navy or Forest Avenue plaid jumpers with white, navy or burgundy shirts under the jumper. Banded shirts are allowed in navy, burgundy, or white.
Bottom: Girls
Navy or khaki long pants, knee length shorts or capris. Navy, Khaki, or FAAM plaid skirts, skorts, jumpers, and dresses. MPS policy states that the length must be at the crease of the knee.
Top: Boys
White, navy, or burgundy collared shirts.
Bottom: Boys
Navy or khaki long pants or shorts. MPS policy states that the length must be at the crease of the knee.
If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn. Black, brown navy or Forest Avenue plaid is acceptable.
Girls Socks
Tights and socks must be white.
Boys Socks
white or black
Tennis shoes ONLY! No boots, heels, light-ups or shoes with wheels are allowed.
Any outerwear is acceptable to be worn outdoors and removed in the classroom. Any outerwear worn in the classroom must be navy blue, white or burgundy with no hood (jackets, sweatshirts, vests or sweaters),
Additional Notes
UPDATE ON LOCATIONS TO FIND FAAM PLAID AND UNIFORMS: YOU CAN NOW SHOP AT BUCKHEAD OR SOUTHERN SCHOOL UNIFORMS! Shirts must be long enough to remain tucked into the pants at all times unless the shirt is banded. Pants must be worn at the waistline. No artificial nails or distracting jewelry is allowed. Headbands and ribbons should match the uniform colors.