School Hours
School Hours
Take In Time:
8:25 AM
Dismissal Time:
3:40 PM
Main Telephone Line:
(334) 269-3673

  Emily  Little

After School Care
Contact the YMCA Good Times Office for information regarding before and after school care at Forest Avenue.
Additional Notes
DRIVERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ON CELL PHONES WHILE IN THE CARPOOL LANE! Car Pool Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures Students may not be dropped off before 8:00 am! First of all, be patient! In the mornings cars pull into the drive-through off of Pineleaf. The number one rule is: Never leave your car unattended in the drive-through lane! Pull as far forward as you possibly can before stopping to let your child out on the curb. Do not pull around cars that have stopped, but wait patiently while they unload and then pull forward along the curb. Once you enter the left lane, you are expected to exit the drivethrough. Do not pull back to the curb. Once your child exits your car, please turn on your left blinker and pull into the exit lane to leave the drive-through. Watch for those coming up behind you who have already let students out of their cars! Please have your child ready to exit as soon as you stop (bookbag in the car and ready to go). Your child will walk down the sidewalk to the area his/her grade level lines up to wait for the bell. In the afternoon, car riders line up near the kindergarten entrance. Teachers will bring students out and have them line up by grade level. Student names will be called out as your car nears the pick up area. Teachers will deliver your child to your car. Please have a large paper plate or file folder in your front window with your child's name on it. If you choose to park and walk across to get your child, please cross only at the cones and Mrs. Covington will assist your crossing. Do not impede the sidewalk exit from the building. If you are waiting for your child, do so only on the grass to the right of the sidewalk. All students should meet parents in this pick-up area as there is no supervision at the 5th grade entrance or at the flagpole